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While promoting ‘Free Fire‘ at TIFF, Bree posed for a few photographers for magazines like InStyle and Entertainment Weekly. She was also spotted in Toronto, Canada, to attend a press junket for her film. You can find all these new shoots in the gallery. GALLERY LINKS: Read more

Here are new medium-quality portraits of Brie taken by the photographer Khurram Toshiki during the promotion of “Room” in Japan. I have added two photos in the gallery: GALLERY LINKS: Studio Photoshoots > Portraits – Khurram Toshiki – 2016

We have added 9 medium-quality portraits of Brie with her co-star Jaco Tremblay taken during the promotion of “Room” in Japan. Check them out !

GALLERY LINKS: Magazine Scans > Scans From 2016 – Madame Figaro – March 18 Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes – Matt Jones [Madame Figaro] – 2016

“Around this time last year I was still figuring out who I was again. I remember ordering lots of different foods and travelling to places and taking dance classes. Just trying everything I could to piece back together who I was before making this movie and Read more