Brie Larson understood mom after filming ‘Room’

Brie Larson asked her mother for “forgiveness” while shooting ‘Room’.

The 26-year-old actress – who plays a kidnapped mother who is largely in just one place throughout the movie – admits playing a parent in the harrowing role gave her a better understanding of her own parent.

She said: “The times that I would cry at home [after shooting] was when I would call my mom asking for forgiveness for all that I didn’t know as a kid.

“It wasn’t the depression of Ma’s story, it was how little I knew of the struggle of being a mother.

“Suddenly I was able to, in some ways, relieve my childhood from my mom’s perspective and see all the way she loved me and protected me and all of the ways I never noticed it.”

Brie hopes the bond between herself and her on-screen son Jack, who is played by Jacob Tremblay, nine, will appeal to everyone.

She said: “I think seeing the love between a mother and child is something we can all really relate to.

“You can remember it from you own childhood perspective and you can see it from the adult perspective.”

Source: The Morning Bulletin