Brie Larson & Lenny Abrahamson discuss Room and winning Golden Globe!

Director Lenny Abrahamson said Brie Larson winning the Golden Globe for Best Actress for their movie Room was “like a dream”.

The Irish were well-­represented at the awards, with five nominations on the night.

Room tells the story of a young mother held captive in a tiny garden shed with her five-year-old son, who is played by newcomer Jacob Tremblay.

Emma Donoghue adapted the script from her 2010 novel of the same name.

“It was an amazing night, it was bizarre and very starry. The red carpet was the longest thing I’ve ever seen – it was like a red carpet city,” Lenny told the Herald.

“It was like the Iftas, but with better dresses and bigger stars. I only came home yesterday, so it’s still all like a dream,” he added.

Brie has had smaller parts in movies such as Trainwreck and Lenny said he’s glad this film is showcasing her talent.

“I’m so proud of her ­because she’s an amazing ­actress and she’s been ­working for a while, and I don’t think people recognised how good she is,” he said.

“I’m thrilled that Room is the film that brought her to that attention.”

However, he did say it was bittersweet that she won over Irish actress Saoirse Ronan.

“That was the only thing that took the shine off things,” he said.

“But Saoirse is only 21 and has the most amazing career ahead of her and I believe she could win an Oscar.”

The Academy Award nominations are set to be announced tomorrow, but Lenny doesn’t think he’ll be included in the best director category. “There’s no way I’ll get a nomination, not a chance,’ he said. “I’d like to see Brie and Emma get nominated, but there’s no way I’m going to get one.

“The best director category is very tight and it also has an element of lifetime achievement about it. Who knows, there’s a chance the movie might get one,” he added.

The cast and crew have been promoting the Irish-Canadian production for a number of months now and Lenny said they keep bumping into the same people on the awards and festival circuit.

“I kept ending up next to Matt Damon for some reason, so now I keep thinking he’s going: ‘Who’s this little bald guy that keeps appearing next to me’,” he said.

Once award season has ended, Lenny is working on a new TV show with House actor Hugh Laurie.

“It’s called Chance, it’s set in San Francisco, and it’s going to be aired on Hulu,” he said.

“It’s about another doctor but in a very different world. I’m going to shoot one episode and maybe more and I’ll be overseeing the rest of it.”

Lenny was speaking at a special screening of Room at the Lighthouse Cinema last night.

The film goes on general release this Friday.